Private Exchange - Payroll - HR

Do our employees fully appreciate their benefits or view them simply as entitlements?  Private Exchanges bring them a whole new experience.

How important is communication when it comes to your employees appreciating their benefits? Consider a recent study. Without effective communication, only 23% of employees with above average healthcare benefits gave a favorable response when asked about their benefits package. With an effective communication plan in place, that number jumped to 82%.

Whether you desire a full suite of technology solutions ranging from a choice of Virtus' two Private Marketplaces integrated with a turnkey Payroll / HR system to just a single technology resource, we will customize the right option for your company and employees.  As employers move toward offering employees a more customized benefits offering, our Marketplaces will demonstrate robust offerings with a very easy to use experience.  

Technology is another area of importance because it can streamline a fragmented and inefficient benefits administration process, saving time, enhancing ease of use, and significantly reducing errors. And with our paperless solutions, employees can change their benefits when they need to as well as immediately access the information they want.