Date: 16/01/2019
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Virtus Exchange Announcement


As previously shared with you, in 2014, individuals and employees will have an opportunity to buy their benefits through a Public or Private web based Exchange, as an alternative to the traditional method of buying benefits.  Private health care exchanges enable employers to offer a wider range of benefits so their employees may choose a plan best suited for them and their families.

The Virtus Marketplace will be powered by a leader in Benefits Administration, and Exchange & HRMS software.  This proven, state-of-the-art Benefits Exchange technology solution is designed to provide a full suite of contemporary features and functionality to support a comprehensive Benefits Marketplace.  Mission critical functions such as Employer Shopping, Employee Shopping, Personalized Plan Selection Guidance, Defined Contribution, Enrollment, Plan Administration, Billing and Data Managtement are all delivered online through a single, secure application.

The Virtus Marketplace partners with a cloud-based, on-demand software provider that revolutionizes the way healthcare and employee benefits are bought, sold and managed with a comprehensive array of integrated services including benefits administration, decison support, payroll and HRIS technology.

We look forward to visiting with you about what this might mean to you as well as your employees.

David T. Johnson, RHU, GBA

Senior Partner, Virtus Benefits LLC

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